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Mike Melbourne


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Meet Mike

MIKE MELBOURNE is your quintessential storyteller, splitting his time between the sun-kissed San Bernardino Mountains in Southern California and the cozy corners of rural England. He’s not just a pen-wielding wordsmith; he’s that laid-back guy who loves a good beach day in Carmel, California, or a leisurely walk among the rolling hills of Dorset. Of course, his rescue dog and best friend, Dusty, is always by his side. Though he’s traveled the globe, at heart, Mike’s just a regular guy with a knack for spinning tales and capturing the simple joys of everyday life. Dive into his novels, and you’ll find a bit of adventure, a dash of whimsy, and a whole lot of heart.

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Mike's Books


Never in a million years did lean, muscled, competitive figure skater Garry Windsor imagine he’d sink to this—performing nightly in “Gold on Ice,” a glittery, gaudy, bottom-of-the-barrel touring ice-skating show. His only consolation in the world of theme park tacky is his best friend and fellow skater Jay Logan. When the troupe hits a local rink in unglamorous Clarksville, Missouri, the guys think they’ve hit an all-time low … until they meet a gorgeous skater and fan: Tag Tempkin. Projecting a demeanor of sweet innocence, the novice skater shyly takes to the ice under Jay and Garry’s prodding and executes a dazzlingly flawless performance. Faster than you can say Eve Harrington on steroids, Garry and Jay watch in horrified amazement as their protégé claws his way to the top over their beautifully bare bodies. But this isn’t Garry and Jay’s first time on the ice-skating rodeo, and they concoct a delicious plan for revenge that will pull the sequins off a certain skater’s goody-goody act and show the world All About Tag …



In this steamy novel from one of the hottest names on the gay fiction scene, Mike Melbourne spins an audacious, funny and very sexy tale of six men, one house, and a gay television show that takes ‘reality’ to a whole new level.

Strangers in the Night features six hot gay men in close quarters, with every move recorded. And each week, one contestant gets voted out. They quickly become a formidable team in more way than one—doing each other every which way even as they do in each of their housemates.

But will the viewing public welcome the show with open arms or closed minds? That remains to be scene!



Being gay in Hollywood has its perks! But thanks to his homophobic female boss, Shari Draper, copywriter Bart Caine’s life is a living hell at Sterling Studios. How to get even? Bart has a plan to take down Shari and the whole damn town!

But Bart isn’t the only writer in town with an axe to grind. Sexy Latino hustler and wannabe screenwriter Rodrigo Dominguez is equally hell-bent on destroying a few of Hollywood’s dirt bags—specifically All-American squeaky-clean TV dad Jack Macy—star of the hugely successful sitcom The Grass is Always Greener.

The stage is set for these two Tinseltown tattletales to wreak havoc on an industry where everyone has a hidden agenda and a scandalous history—even the nefarious Shari Draper. As Bart and Rod’s vendettas plays out against a colorful Hollywood backdrop they can’t help wondering if they’ve stumbled across something more elusive than superstardom—and whether partners in crime might just become partners in life.



Like millions of other gorgeous, iron-pumped young guys, Derek Bracken came to Hollywood with dreams of stardom and maybe a chance at Mr. Right. But after a few years of waiting tables, juggling acting classes and auditions, and working the casting couch on his back, Derek's still a sexy unknown ... until a fiery night with a Hollywood hotshot takes his life and career in a very new and profitable direction. As a top-notch escort servicing Tinseltown's closeted stars and gay mafia dons, Derek becomes a star in his own right.

With his underwear-model-worthy body, considerable bedroom skills, and the kind of imagination that turns any encounter into sexual nirvana, he's made a small fortune and lots of high-powered friends. But Derek wants more. Trawling the West Hollywood clubs and Internet chat rooms, the aspiring stud broker collects his own "dirty dozen"--a reliable coterie of young men with diverse body types, trained to cater to rich men's $5,000-and-up sexual fantasies.

At One Night Stand, nothing is too taboo, too outrageous, too close to the edge for the powerful clients who come to play in private.


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